Can anyone really get started in property? | Tj Atkinson

Property Investing can come across as a sport for the rich and famous. However, this is not the case and has never been the case. It’s a narrative that has been banded around by many people who falsely assumed you needed a lot of money or a huge deposit to earn from property. We teach how to utilise a LOW or NO money in strategies.

There are dozens of ways that smart investors and entrepreneurs have been using for decades to take a slice of the very booming property market.

Some of those strategies include are listed below. We will break down each strategy on another post

  1. Serviced Accommodation

  2. Deal Packaging

  3. Rent to Rent (Serviced Accommodation)

  4. Rent to Rent (HMO)

  5. Property Management

  6. Supported Living

  7. Flips and Turns

All the strategies listed above do NOT even require you to purchase the properties but can generate the investor £500 to £5000pm…

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